6 Tips for Successful Onboarding

Induction, orientation, onboarding – while the terminology may have changed some aspects stay the same; like the need to engage new employees.

What company wouldn’t want new employees to quickly understand performance standards and to be effective and productive faster? Not to mention establish that old chestnut – loyalty.

A non-existent or poorly planned onboarding program can turn a carefully recruited employee into another turnover statistic and cost.

Here are 5 simple tips to onboarding that I’ve seen work:

  1. Deliver what you promise – Always come good on all commitments made during the recruitment process. Some readers will think I’m stating the obvious but the little things really matter and so often companies get the little things wrong.
  2. Schedule time with their manager – Ideally arrange this on their first day. Even if their manager is travelling, they can pick up the phone and say welcome.
  3. Establish an ongoing plan – The key is to create a program that goes beyond the first day or week and includes checkpoints to discuss how they are going. Make your new employees feel welcome, nurtured and an integral part of the team and company.
  4. Assign a “buddy” – Choose an employee who knows the company, its people and its culture and most importantly “walks the talk”. Consistency of message is crucial.
  5. Give a welcome gift – Everyone loves a gift and company merchandise in the hands of your biggest advocates – employees – is a great promotional tool. It could be anything from a branded compendium for client meetings to a hat sporting your logo to wear running.
  6. Arrange an informal breakfast or lunch with co-workers – This is an opportunity to get to know each other and feel part of the team and is best organised in new starters’ first week.

You don’t need to cram all the information a new employee needs to know into their first day. This may overwhelm them. But do cover the essentials like amenities, fire exits and where to buy a great coffee!

I’d be keen to know your tips for success onboarding.

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