At Vantage, we are committed to attracting and retaining quality people who are passionate about the same things we are. Everything we do is aimed at solving critical business challenges in order to build stronger, more resilient businesses.

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We have a diverse range of people in our team. Our staff have backgrounds in turnaround, insolvency, corporate finance, management consulting and general management.

What sort of work do we do?

We’ve helped numerous companies, who were facing a major crisis, turn their business around, and become viable and profitable once more. Read some of the stories below!

What makes us different?

We are always looking for people whose values align with our own and this ultimately guides our hiring decisions. The satisfaction of each team member is important to us, so we provide a collaborative and flexible working environment with a great culture. We also have supportive parental leave policies for primary carers.

2024 annual conference.

I love turning businesses around and making them stronger and more resilient. Seeing the positive impact we have on people’s lives is what makes it all worthwhile.




We are empathetic.

We take the time to understand what matters most to our clients and care about what they are going through.

We are collaborative.

We work together to solve complex challenges.

We are innovative.

We challenge the status quo to find better solutions.

We work
with a sense of urgency.

We quickly get to the key issues and deliver the solution on time.

What about the fun stuff?

We work hard, and we are rewarded for it. Every quarter we reach our targets, we celebrate accordingly, normally with a half or full day activity such as kayaking, tennis, or more recently, a Seadeck boat cruise. We host regular networking functions with other firms both in our offices and at surrounding watering holes. In our Brisbane office we also host Personal Training in the park three times a week.

What our team love about their work

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