‘Productive Paranoia’: preparing for a crisis

How well prepared is your business to withstand any shock? In this episode, Michael Fingland introduces ‘productive paranoia’, a concept that made business author Jim Collins famous. Productive paranoia is the trait of being constantly alert to potential disruptions and challenges that could impact a business. Michael explains the process of brainstorming initiatives and creating …

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How to be more productive with AI

Retail sales have plummeted, indicating a challenging economic climate for businesses, says Michael Fingland, CEO of Vantage Performance. Working capital management is crucial during tough times, with a focus on debtors, inventory, and creditor management. AI tools can significantly enhance productivity and provide a competitive edge for businesses, and so it’s important to stay updated …

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AI is the solution to declining productivity

Australia, in many ways, hasn’t recovered since the days of COVID. Productivity, for instance, has continued to suffer and is affecting businesses nationwide. Michael Fingland, CEO of Vantage Performance, says artificial intelligence is a productivity game-changer. He explains why you must understand and embrace AI or risk being left behind.

Fix, Close, Sell or Retain

Fix, close, sell or retain is a concept commonly used in business turnarounds. It involves assessing the performance of a company and its various business units and determining whether it/they should be fixed, closed, sold or retained. The first step is to identify the underperforming business units, which may be dragging down the overall performance …

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Transforming Businesses for Success

As featured on, Andrew Birch, Executive Director of Vantage performance, explains how to embark on a successful business transformation journey. Read the full article on

Dealing with Detractors in a Turnaround

In a turnaround situation, where a company is facing significant challenges and needs to make drastic changes to survive, identifying and dealing with detractors is critical for success. Detractors are individuals or groups within the organization who are resistant to change, either because they don’t believe in the new strategy or because they are attached …

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The Rise and Rise of the Chief Restructuring Officer

In today’s volatile business environment, organizations face various challenges that can threaten their financial viability. These challenges may arise from various sources such as economic recession, changes in consumer preferences, increased competition, and disruptive technologies. In such situations, companies may need to undergo a business turnaround to restructure their operations, improve their financial performance, and …

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