We describe turnaround as “the sustainable recovery of a company that has been underperforming.”

At Vantage, we are corporate turnaround specialists and understand that a successful turnaround requires:

  • rapid action to stabilise the business;
  • proactive management of key stakeholders to secure/maintain support;
  • a robust strategic plan;
  • access to fresh capital; and
  • relentless execution

We take pride in our ability to successfully implement the above, while always fulfilling our commitment to taking the time to understand what matters most to you and your business, resulting in a rapid improvement in cash flow and earnings, providing you with peace of mind and certainty of outcome.

“We take the pressure off the executive team and take care of the restructuring initiatives allowing management to focus on the core business.”

Michael Fingland, Vantage Performance, Managing Director

We don’t just present you with a robust strategy. We work with you every step of the way, hands-on and supporting every aspect of the turnaround process.

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour is a turnaround tool. Moreover, providing Safe Harbour to businesses in distress is an important step of the turnaround process.

Safe Harbour provisions protect company directors who pursue turnaround efforts from breaching insolvent trading. Moreover, Vantage’s turnaround management expertise and in-depth understanding of Safe Harbour law provide breathing space and peace of mind to directors in times of distress.


What our clients say about their experience:

Why Trust Your Business with Us?

Because you can minimise your risk by choosing the only firm:

  • With a 100% success rate in securing more time and support from financiers.
  • That has delivered the most successful turnarounds (170) with the highest success rate (85%).
  • That has won the most turnaround awards (15).
  • With a unique system that will make your business stronger and more resilient (Fast-Track).

The following diagram is a summary of a typical engagement.


At Vantage we consider it a privilege to help business owners and leaders solve their most critical challenges.

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Michael Fingland

My philosophy is that there is always a way to solve a crisis, as long as you’re engaged early enough.

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Andrew Birch

Cooperative leadership teams that develop prioritised actions to progress towards clear strategic objectives can achieve long-term business viability.