Vantage Fast-Track is a unique program based on the 50 critical management tools, habits, systems and processes that all long term, highly successful businesses have in common. It’s a unique blend of our 20+ years of delivering successful turnarounds coupled with extensive research from world renowned experts in the fields of business growth and viability.

Fast-Track (VRI Score)

It all starts with a FREE Vantage Resilience Assessment which benchmarks your business against these 50 success factors. Your VRI Score is the ultimate predictor of future performance and is directly correlated to your probability of success.

We then work with you to implement a range of initiatives to strengthen your eight pillars, thereby increasing your VRI score.

As your VRI Score improves, so does your revenue, cash flow, profit and overall resilience.


Because you will be choosing a firm:

With a unique proven system for significantly improving your revenue, cash flow and earnings.

With a 100% success rate in securing more support from financiers.

That has won 16 awards for improving business performance.

Whatever the situation, whatever the challenge, there’s always a way.

Michael Fingland, CEO

There's always a way

We build stronger, more resilient businesses so we can improve the rate of business success.

We provide you with peace of mind, confidence and control by solving your critical business challenges.

Whether you’re wanting to rapidly scale your business, solve a critical financial issue, or source capital, we can help!