Whether you’re wanting to rapidly scale your business, solve critical financial issues or simply source additional capital, we can help. Our unique growth program, Vantage Fasttrack, is based on the 50 critical management tools, habits, systems and processes that all highly successful businesses have in common.

Vantage Fasttrack is a blend of our 20+ years of delivering successful turnarounds, together with extensive research from world-renowned experts in the fields of business growth and viability.

“Every engagement starts with a discovery session to understand what matters most to the company’s stakeholders, then we develop a plan, with their input,  to engage staff and make it happen.”

Kevin Higgins, Vantage Performance, Client Director

It all starts with a free Vantage Resilience Index (VRI) survey which benchmarks your business against these 50 critical areas. Once you’ve completed the survey you will receive a 1 page VRI dashboard illustrating your overall VRI score and how your business rates across the 8 critical pillars of every successful business, as detailed below.

  1. Strategy
  2. Your WHY
  3. Habits for Success
  4. Sales Team Effectiveness
  5. Business Intelligence
  6. Working Capital Management
  7. Leadership and Culture
  8. Governance and Accountability

Your VRI score directly correlates to your probability of success as a business.

Our role from here is to work with you to develop a new strategic plan and implement a range of initiatives that will rapidly improve your VRI score, cashflow and profitability.


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“Every job’s different and there’s no one single approach. The real skill in developing and executing a strategy to help grow a business is knowing which tools and skills to bring to a situation and in what order. That’s the real X-factor in what we do.”

Michael Fingland, Vantage Performance, Executive Director

No matter how sound or robust a strategy is, however, it is nothing without execution.

Execution is the often the hardest part of a growth strategy, as it requires getting a team aligned and engaged with the same goal, and then creating a disciplined system to hold them accountable.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, as your business begins to take on more of the 50 Fasttrack initiatives.

Ultimately, Vantage’s ability to not only produce a robust growth strategy, but also to effectively execute the strategy, is the reason why we have won 15 awards for improving business performance. Why choose Vantage to assist with your growth strategy? Because you will be choosing a firm:

  • With a unique and proven system that significantly improves your revenue, cash flow and earnings.
  • 100% success rate in securing more support from financiers.
  • That has won 15 awards for improving business performance.


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Michael Fingland

My philosophy is that there is always a way to solve a crisis, as long as you’re engaged early enough.

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Cooperative leadership teams that develop prioritised actions to progress towards clear strategic objectives can achieve long-term business viability.