Have you created a clear set of Leadership Principles?

Kevin Higgins

Executive Director QLD


The Oxford dictionary describes a principle as “a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system or belief or behaviour for a chain of reasoning”.

As we work in an ever-changing economic environment it is essential that leaders articulate their principles to employees.

Guiding principles encompass your personal beliefs and values. To come up with your leadership principles you should understand:

  1. Your values,
  2. What matters most to you, and
  3. Which business leader’s principles, do you aspire to be like.

Once developed, there are many benefits of sharing it within the organization including:

  • Attracting like-minded people to the organization. It will assist with the recruitment process to ensure that you are hiring people with the right passion and behaviours.
  • Providing a platform for employees to fall back on and empower them when making decisions in times of uncertainty.
  • Encouraging innovative thinking now that the employee has the guidelines to work within.
  • Acting like a compass to ensuring your employee is heading in the right direction and not steering off track.
  • Improving communication by having a consistent clear approach to dealing with situations.
  • Providing the assurance to move forward with the organization’s vision.

At Vantage Performance we have articulated the following guiding principles:

  1. Begin every day with a focus on the lives we impact.
  2. Leadership is the stewardship of the people entrusted to you.
  3. Trust is the foundation of all relationships.
  4. Lead with a clear sense of grounded optimism.

Why not begin the process of developing and articulating your leadership principles today?

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Kevin Higgins, an Executive Director with Vantage Performance who partners with leaders to solve critical challenges to build stronger, more resilient businesses. Contact Kevin to get our unique Vantage Resilience Index TM which benchmarks your business against these key success factors and provides a roadmap to strengthen your business.

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