How to Build Resilient Business

Numerous economic pressures have emerged from various sources and businesses have had to adapt quickly to survive and thrive.

But what’s the secret sauce for building a resilient business that stands the test of time?

Learning Outcomes
  • What critical tools, habits and systems do long-term successful businesses have in common.
  • How can key strategic pillars strengthen your business.
  • Why mental resilience for business owners and leaders is important, and what it involves.


Patrick Coghlan

Patrick Coghlan is the CEO of CreditorWatch. In 2010, Patrick became one of the three founding employees of CreditorWatch and helped to shape the innovative product we see today.

Throughout the years, Patrick’s industry knowledge has become second to none. His leadership qualities have enabled him to play a key part in developing CreditorWatch’s values and team-spirited culture, as well as drive the company to considerable growth.

Michael Fingland, CEO of Vantage Performance

Michael Fingland is one of Australia’s most experienced business turnaround professionals, with 25 years of experience in corporate turnaround and business transformation.

Michael is a Chartered Accountant and founded Vantage Performance two decades ago after seeing the devastating impact business failure has on peoples’ lives. He has worked with businesses of all sizes, from large listed companies to SMEs, helping them to scale up and to solve their critical financial issues.

He is an award-winning Australasian Turnaround Professional of the Year, acknowledged by his peers in the Turnaround Management Association. Michael has personally managed a number of the engagements which resulted in Vantage Performance winning 15 Turnaround of the Year Awards.

For more than 15 years Michael has been a trusted commentator in Australian business media, providing insight and interviews in national publications including the AFR, Sydney Morning Herald, Company Director and CEO Magazine, and appearing as a guest commentator on a range of business podcasts and in radio interviews.

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