HR Strategy: Marissa Mayer Has a Point on Home Working

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was widely condemned when she sent an email to her 27,000 employees saying they couldn’t work from home any more. Her argument was that time spent at home was less productive than hours worked in the office.

Richard Branson called her decision “perplexing”, given how technology is making remote working easier and more effective than ever.

Marissa Mayer raises an important point, though.

In this week’s podcast Belinda Wheatley, a HR business partner consulting to SMEs at Vantage Performance, says Yahoo’s CEO has done other businesses a favour. She has raised the profile of an issue that isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Beyond the question of productivity there are legal risks that need to be considered. She explains to Phil Dobbie that working from home can provide lots of HR benefits in terms of working flexibility, but it is a practice that shouldn’t be followed without a lot of thought and a clear company policy.


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