Performance Improvement: Thriving in Uncertainty – Part 1

This is the first of four podcasts where Vantage Performance, Executive Director, Michael Fingland takes us through the process of taking advantage of an economic downturn.

In this edition he talks to Phil Dobbie about the need to be prepared. Those that aren’t prepared can easily collapse when there’s a financial downturn. Those that are ready don’t just survive, they can turn the failure of unprepared competitors to their own advantage.

This podcast looks at the guiding principles you need to establish, including risk management, stress testing and cash flow forecasts. In the next edition we apply these principles to the development of a strategy for your business.


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Michael Fingland

My philosophy is that there is always a way to solve a crisis, as long as you’re engaged early enough.

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Andrew Birch

Cooperative leadership teams that develop prioritised actions to progress towards clear strategic objectives can achieve long-term business viability.