Risk Management: Project Paperwork Protects Against Litigation

Last week on the Vantage Performance Podcast Series we spoke about the importance of ensuring that you have a watertight contract before embarking on a new project.

As a supplier to the mining industry – or any large infrastructure based company – the key is to limit your exposure by ensuring risks are considered and costed in your contract. But, what if things do go wrong?

It’s a question we put to Matt Bradbury, a partner at McCullough Robertson – a lawyer specialising in infrastructure, construction and engineering. He says if it does come down to a dispute, both sides win by reaching a commercial arrangement, rather than turning to litigation.

If it goes further than that, your case will be helped if the project is supported by adequate paperwork – it’s often the deciding factor in terms of which party is at fault. Would you be happy to stand behind your record keeping if it ever was called on in a court of law?


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