Advisory Board: Why Every Business Needs a Board

In last week’s Vantage Performance podcast, Susan Morgan spoke about the importance of finding a mentor to act as a sounding board for your ideas.

This week Phil Dobbie talks to Andrew Birch, Director of Vantage Performance, who suggests you take it a step further by appointing a board to add some external influence on your business.

Andrew says the impact a board has is almost immediate, adding expertise and a fresh perspective on the business. It’s not unusual, he says, for a question to be asked, only to have the incumbent team respond, “yes, why do we do that?”

Andrew also talks about an appropriate mix of board members, where to find them and what their role is within the organisation.

If you thought boards with non-executive members were really just a necessarily evil for listed companies who needed to pacify their shareholders, it’s worth hearing what Andrew has to say.


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