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A ten year pro-bono relationship
with a not-for-profit

St Bartholomew’s House provides community-based support, accommodation and assistance to Perth’s homeless and builds partnerships with individuals and other organisations to eliminate or reduce homelessness.

Vantage Performance director Andrew Birch was involved with the not-for-profit organisation for nearly ten years: as Treasurer for 2 years, then Chairman for 6 years, and finally as a Director to assist in the transition to a new Chairman.

Prior to Andrew’s appointment the organisation was distressed due to the sudden departure of its Treasurer and the entire accounting team. There had not been any reliable financial management or reporting for over 6 months, and the CEO and many of the Board were becoming extremely concerned.

How we turned things around.

Under Andrews’s professional guidance, an accounting team was recruited and trained to bring the accounts up to date.

The organisation’s financial management and reporting was improved; and the financial statements progressed from qualified special purpose accounts to unqualified general purpose, audited accounts.

Regular Board reviews and a new focus on developing a Director pipeline of highly-qualified and motivated professionals added significant depth to the Boardroom and empowered the Board to respond to numerous complex issues.

During Andrew’s time as Chairman, St Barts embarked on a major project to build its new home in East Perth. The previous Chairman, CEO and Andrew, together with the assistance and support of the entire Board and leadership team, were successful in securing land and funding to build a $35 million, award-winning facility which increased the organisation’s capacity by 150 beds.

For this work, Andrew won the AICD PWC Director Award for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector.

“The contribution you have made as a Board member and Chairman has changed the governance structure and the vision of the Board.”

Archbishop Roger Herft


“You have made a fine contribution to St Barts…You have put the organization on a professional base and lifted the quality of the Board and its performance… you have put our accounting and governance on a high and appropriate plane… and have managed to do this while maintaining a sense of humour and perspective…I agree with you that time spent with St Barts is indeed a rewarding experience…one that opens one’s mind to others worlds…and broadens ones appreciation of some of life’s challenges that one would barely be aware of in the course of our daily work… your guidance of this organisation through a period of great change deserves accolades… thank you and well done.”

Peter Knight, OAM

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