Goal of Turnaround Management

The purpose of turnaround management is to:

  • Determine if the business is still viable or what is required to restore viability
  • Develop and implement a turnaround management plan
  • Rebuild bank support
  • Restore shareholder value

What’s Involved in Turnaround Management

  • A review of operations and financial performance (ie. P&L, BS, Cash Flow, finance systems and controls etc.)
  • Development of revenue enhancement &/or cost reduction plans
  • Cash flow and working capital management (debtors, creditors, stock)
  • Critical assessment of management team, business plan and forecasts
  • Assessment of appropriate debt structure and bank security issues
  • Assistance and advice on the sale of a business or division etc.
  • Assessment of other corporate finance alternatives such as buying a competitor etc.
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of the turnaround strategy
  • Project managing the turnaround strategy

Possible Outcomes of a Turnaround Management Process

The following is a summary of the typical outcomes of a turnaround management process:

  • Streamlined, viable business
  • Bank agrees to support the restructuring plan
  • Sale of the business or of non core assets
  • Merger or acquisition of a competitor
  • Debt facilities are refinanced with another bank
  • Adequate controls are put in place to manage the business
  • Restored shareholder value

In summary, if steps are taken early to address the causes of underperformance then appropriate measures can be put in place to develop and implement a successful turnaround management strategy.

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