Vantage Team Joins the Army of Queensland Flood Clean-up Volunteers

The Vantage Group team was more than keen to join the gumboot-clad army of more than 7,000 volunteers in the flood clean-up effort.

Armed with shovels, mops, brooms and plenty of enthusiasm we descended on the hard hit Rocklea Markets, South East Queensland’s main source of fruit, vegetables and produce.

We worked our way down the strip cleaning out shop after shop – joining forces with other teams of volunteers to the obvious relief of shop-owners.

Although we were overwhelmed by the loss and destruction caused by the Queensland floods, the peoples’ resilience and determination to move on was uplifting.

We were also in awe of the sheer number of volunteers going from shop to shop offering to help out in any way they could – from hosing down store rooms to handing out home-made goodies to energise the volunteers.

It was a day of mixed emotion for everyone, but one thing’s for sure – we all slept well that night. This one cleanup effort was one of thousands going on all over Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley and was a great example of a community pulling together to get through a crisis.

Vantage Performance specialise in improving business performance and executing corporate turnarounds. We work with companies going through major growth or change, helping them to improve profit and performance. We also advise underperforming companies or those in financial distress, helping improve cash flow, profitability and value of the business. Vantage Performance was awarded Turnaround of the Year in 2008, 2009 and 2010 by the Turnaround Management Association of Australia for its work with troubled companies.

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